Britney Tix!

All weekend long, Nat Lauzon, Kelly A & myself will be giving away your last shot at seeing Britney SpearsCircus Tour this Tuesday, May 5th, at the Bell Centre.

This morning (Saturday), we played Sulli’s Impossible Questions for a pair of tickets. My Britney Spears related question to you was: What is the 2nd most shoplifted item in grocery stores/pharmacies today?!

Here are some of your answers

After medecine, Home Pregnancy Tests is the most shoplifted item and my answer to Sulli’s Impossible Questions!!

Why is that Britney related?! Well, Ryan Seacrest broke the alleged news on his LA radio show that he heard from a “reliable source” that Britney is pregnant again!!! Ayayaille!!!

Another shot and another question up tomorrow morning, so get those thinking caps ready!

*** Sunday morning, I asked: According to a study of expecting moms, what was the food they craved the most? and the answer was nachos!!! Yummy!!

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