Poor Britney…

Poor Britney Spears… it’s to be assumed that with all that dancing, Britney isn’t really singing her way through her concerts, but she still puts in the effort to make it look like she is! Enough effort to sometimes make you wonder if she is lip singing or maybe actually singing… until now!

At her Connecticut concert last week, a drunk fan jumped on stage and TOTALLY TERRIFIED Britney! We can see her scream, but the problem is that we cannot hear her scream… at all… even though she had a hot mic 5cm from her mouth! Check it out (about 40sec in):

The crazed fan, Kyle King, was arrested for breach of peace and released on $250 bond. Poor Britney obviously needed a couple of minutes to recuperate and continue her fake singing! I guess it should have been assumed she wasn’t signing, but it’s still shitty to know that you are paying all that money for a lip singing job!

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