How Do I… How?!?!

Do you know how?!

Do you know how to write a resume? How to lower blood pressure? How to build a deck? How to use guitar pro 5? How to cut a coconut??

Well, now you do!!

eHow is the world’s best website to find step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything.

There are “How Tos” on careers, fashions, weddings, cars, food, legal, sports, pets, internet — you name it and it’s probably there! If it’s not, well you can ask “How To” on the eHow forum! Soon you’ll be doing it all yourself!

Plus, eHow is not only a search & reference website, it also has social networking features and publishing tools (you can even earn money by publishing on the site)! It really does it all–or at least shows you how to! lol

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