Get Married in This!

Are you getting married soon and facing the problem that most churches in your diocese are either being transformed into condos or booked on the day you want it?! Here’s an idea: Why not blow up your own church!!!

British company Innovations Xtreme has created the world’s first inflatable church. At 47 feet high, this church sits 60 people and has a blow-up organ, a polyvinyl pulpit, an air-filled altar and fake stained glass windows.

Surprisingly, it looks good on the inside!

British entrepreneur Michael Gill says the project has had interest from over 20 countries and has even been asked to design inflatable mosques and synagogues. Now you can get married ANYWHERE, no matter what religion!!

The same company also makes inflatable pubs. So why not rent one of those too as a reception hall!! It keeps in line with the thematic!! However, it would probably be a good idea to use those only in jurisdictions with no-smoking by-laws!!!

Tell me… Would you get married in an inflatable church?! I’d consider it!! What an awesome story that would be!

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