DO NOT Question His Manhood!!

Kanye West has told journalists “never question my manhood.” He’s been dogged by rumors that he is secretly gay since ending his engagement to fashion designer Alexis Phifer last year and there are now “disrespectful” claims that he is only dating model Amber Rose for show…

In his online blog, Kanye wrote: “I know my life is the Truman Show for everyone to judge and comment on but I’m not doing a reality show. I’m not doing anything ‘for the camera’! I have some ego problems, b**ched out at award shows, have control issues and make some questionable fashion choices but never question MY manhood. This is a message to everybody out there!”

Wow! Down Kanye! Breath in… breath out… why is he getting so upset?? I think it has to do with his “Mama boy” syndrome!!!

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