That’s one expensive pair of nuts!!!

I had my 6 month old puppy Quincy vaccinated and neutered yesterday and I am still traumatised by the cost! Seriously, I don’t understand how vets can charge so much for operations like that! 2 vaccinations and one clip clip of my puppy’s manhood cost me almost 400$…

Here’s my beef: my dad was a urologist and he charged 46$ for a vasectomy — the vet charged me 215$ for my puppy’s anti-baby treatment! WHY?? How can it be more expensive for animals to get operated–that just doesn’t make sense!

I want to know–all you vets out there–why do you charge such ridiculous amounts?! lol

Have you ever paid an outrageous amount for pet care!?? What is the most expensive treatment out there?!

My boyfriend got upset with me because I paid an extra 54$ to have blood work done before the operation to make sure my Quincy was ok before heading into general anesthetics (something that is obligatory for humans!!!)… Was i silly do to so?? Should we be spending this kind of money on pets??

Tell me!!! Please do tell!!!

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