Drunk Dial for Free!

<strong>HAPPY ST-PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!!!</strong>

Lucky us, since March 17th falls on a Tuesday this year, we have a whole week to celebrate the occasion. This is what I call the Irish Season!!! The cumulating point: this weekend’s <a title=”United Irish Society website” href=”http://www.montrealirishparade.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>parade</a>; 250 000 people to descent onto St-Catherine St to watch one of the longest running (185th) and biggest St-Patrick Day parades in North America! Many use to occasion to drink, so remember — <strong>this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t Drink and Drive, Drink and Dial!</strong>

<img title=”Drunk Dial St-Pats” src=”http://www.dups.ca/images/stpiswaiting.jpg&#8221; alt=”” width=”185″ height=”287″ />You’ve heard of “Drunk Dialling”, right?! Well there is a  <a title=”St-Patrick’s Drunk Dial” href=”http://www.stpatsdrunkdial.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>website</a> taking it to a whole new level. <a title=”St-Patrick’s Drunk Dial” href=”http://www.stpatsdrunkdial.com&#8221; target=”_blank”><em>St-Patrick’s Day Drunk Dial</em></a> is asking your drunken self to call them TOLL FREE for St. Patrick’s Day and the funniest entry will wins 100$ US!!

Program this number in your phone–God knows you won’t be able to remember it or dial it when times come — 1-888-734-1235. Tell them how you are enjoying St. Patrick’s Day, what you are up to, a story, or simply phone in and give a shout out to everyone on St. Patrick’s Day!! They’ll publish every entry on their website and pick a grand winner!

So, go out and have a good time during this Irish Season — the phone line will be open until midnight March 23rd.

See… it pays to be a funny drunk!

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