It’s ok… look at my breasts!!!

I never thought I would one day say it’s ok to look at my breasts, but it’s all for a healthy life style!!! Apparently, an eyeful can keep the doctor away… Researchers have discovered that staring at women’s breasts makes men live longer !!

The survey says that just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30min aerobics workout at the gym!!! So much easier too!!!

A five-year study of 200 men found that those who enjoyed a longing look at busty beauties had lower blood pressure, less heart disease and slower pulse rates compared to those who did not get their daily eyeful.

Now men, this is not an excuse to look at every boobie lady that passes by — 10min a day is all you need, so behave!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s ok… look at my breasts!!!

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  1. Haha! Wow! No wonder I look and feel so young! When all is said and done I’m pretty sure I get in a good 3 hours a day!

  2. Well, thats nice to know! I hate seeing all these women say “Why do guys keep staring at my breasts, there is more to me than that!” Why do we stare, because it’s part of our animal nature, just like the maternal instinct is your animal nature. It does not mean that we don’t see the rest of you…’s just with men, we are visual creatures and to us the height of beauty is the human female form. Deep in our brain, we see large breasts and it says “healthy breedable female!” lol Yes, we want to get to know you as a person and a soul mate….it just takes us a little while longer to get past the physical attraction. Are we thinking about sex with you while we are staring at your breasts? Of course we are……but then we think about sex all the time, we can’t help it. See, it is the same hormone in both men and women that causes the sexual drive. That hormone is called Testosterone and it is produced by both male and female.
    The thing is, men have 30 times more testosterone in their bloodstream at any given time than women do. Think about that for a moment… know how horney you can get? Now imagine what that’s like but 30 times as strong. Now do you understand why we think about sex all the time?

  3. I keep staring at my member of the double breasted party’s ample assets all the time…

    She probably thinks I asked her out because of her looks, but it was because she I knew right away she was one smart cookie and would be able to put up with my shenanigans! Well, I must admit the assets are a nice bonus…

    Guess that’s why my prescription hasn’t changed in years since I met and married her!! 🙂


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