OMG! Would you eat this?

OMG!! My mouth is watering, yet I am a little disgusted... Would you ever try this new food trend: the PouTail?!   A small Ottawa bakery has created what should be Canada's newest national treat -- by putting together our two favorites: the poutine and the beavertails... The fries are crafted from the fried pastry, covered by... Continue Reading →

As Sweet & Salty As Mom!

Moms are like the perfect mix of sweet and salt! So why not celebrate her with a recipe that also blends a perfect balance of both: Bacon & Nutella Napoleons!   This little creation is almost too easy to make. Dangerously easy!! It involves three stand-alone ingredients that when put together have a dark power~Bacon, Nutella,... Continue Reading →


Bacon is one of the items you can vote for on and I got to say, whoever votes bacon NOT GOOD is definitely no longer my friend! haha Bacon just makes everything better! Just the smell of bacon can make your day better! How can you shun bacon?? Anyways, I voted bacon GOOD and,... Continue Reading →

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