Bacon is one of the items you can vote for on onlythegoodstuff.ca and I got to say, whoever votes bacon NOT GOOD is definitely no longer my friend! haha Bacon just makes everything better! Just the smell of bacon can make your day better! How can you shun bacon??

Anyways, I voted bacon GOOD and, as you know, my vote was automatically posted to my Facebook wall for my Facebook world to know how GOOD I think bacon is!! That is where my baby brother made me discover a link that would forever make me happy!

Wacky edibles… I’ve always been a fan of those! Ever tried peanut butter with honeycombs!?! I have to say though, that this has to be the most glorious combination of them all! Imagine the union between bacon and mayonnaise… now wipe that drool away and go out to buy your very own baconnaise!

Baconnaise, as this mana from the heavens is called, goes well on everything from sandwiches to french fries!!! Now you can spread the B on your BLT!!! If you are a bacon fan, the website also has bacon salt, bacon popcorn, bacon mints…. mmmmmm bacon!!!

Delicious + Delicious = DELICIOUS

Sulli 😉

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