How amazing is this 99 year-old?!

20140922-114738-42458548.jpgLillian Weber, from Iowa, makes a dress for a small child in Africa every single day!

More than 840 dresses have been make by Lillian in the last 2 years & her goal is to make 150 more before next May! Why? Cause making her 1000 dresses on her 100th birthday seems like a great accomplishment, no?! And she is turning 100 at the beginning of May!

It only takes Lillian 1/2 a day now to make these cute dresses, with a break midday. “I could probably make 2 a day, but I enjoy just doing the one. It’s just one of those things I guess. I learnt how to do it and then I thought why not put it to good use?!”

Lillian donates the dresses to Little Dresses for Africa, who then distributes them to orphanages, churches and schools in 47 countries in Africa, as well as to children in need in countries like Haiti, Honduras, Thailand, Mexico and even parts of the United States.

Kudos Lillian!!


Kim 😉

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