Spaghetti a la Bleu, Blanc, Rouge!

To get into Ole, Ole, Ole mood this friday — cheer on the Habs with a meal that truly shows your bleu-blanc-rouge!!

So how to you get your pasta to be so Habs-y? It’s so easy!Red-White-and-Blue-Spaghetti-with-a-healthy-veggie-faux-alfredo-sauce-@createdbydiane-recipe-healthy-july4-patriotic-1

  1. Rinse ⅔ of the spaghetti in water, then separate the spaghetti in half into a ziplock bag.
  2. Place the red coloring in to one, the blue into the other and mix each with two tablespoon water, blend gently until the colors are absorbed.
  3. You can rinse the excess color off the pasta before mixing them together.
  4. For the remaining ⅓ of the pasta, add the olive oil to it, so the other colors don’t rub onto the natural color of the spaghetti.
  5. Mix the spaghetti noodles together just before serving, if you mix them ahead of time the colors may transfer to the other noodles.

Don’t forget to add a bit of spice and kick to it, so that it’s transferred to our boys and we finish the Sens once and for all!

Kim 😉

Thank you @createdbydiane for the idea!

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