LIFE HACK: How men can order girlie drinks with dignity!

Does you man prefer a cosmo over beer?! Will he suck it up in public as to not embarass himself by asking the bartender for a girlie drink?! If so, here is a solution taken from Men Health’s Magazine on how to order a girly drink without seeming like a looser!!  girlydrinks

Tell your man to not ask the bartender for a strawberry daiquiri, creamy mudslide, or fruity sangria. Instead, he should just invent a new name like, “Turbo Tonic,” “Slingshot,” or “Havana Banger.” That’s the solution!

How does it work?

The bartender will have no clue what he’s saying, so he will have to give him the ingredients and voila — It’ll be their little secret!!!

Cocktail ordered, dignity intact!

Would you think less of a guy who orders a girlie drink?!

Kim 😉


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