WHAT? A Chicken Corsage?!

I was hoping that this was a bad belated-April-fool joke, but no! This actually exists!

kfccorsagecloseupIt’s always the same deal when prom comes around — > kids guilt their parents into buying over-priced dresses, save up all year to hire a limo, and, of course, dream of being asked to go by the hottest guy in school.

But now, you have options when it comes to the sort of corsage you get the lucky lady!

I guess KFC was not content to just be a restaurant… They wanted in on the craziness that is prom! Hence, the KFC corsage!!!!!!!!!

Launched in collaboration with a Kentucky-based florist, the corsage costs $20 and comprises a spray of baby’s breath and a $5 KFC voucher (due to freshness issues). Thank God, there isn’t really chicken on the wrist!

By this video they are obviously making it a joke, but I’m ready to bet many will actually buy into this:

What do you think?

Kim 😉

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