70 year-old + Roller Coaster = Priceless!

Ria is a 70 year old grandmother from the Netherlands who is prepping for her first big trip on an airplane… problem is that she has a fear of flying… This is where the phone company Vodafone’s came in with a helping hand!

In their “First” ad campaign, they paired Ria with An, a 78-year-old also from the Netherlands, to help each other conquer their fear of flying. 

An elected to do her flight homework with a virtual reality headset, while Ria decided to get her hands a little dirtier, and took a roller coaster ride to simulate the experience!!

Her reaction is priceless:

How can you not smile and feel young watching that!?

So… did Ria and An make it on a plane?! Watch:

Life is a beach now ❤  Heartwarming, no?!

Kim 😉


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