Her last roar :(

131102080405-olivia-wise-story-topShe died yesterday from an inoperable brain cancer. Her name was Olivia Wise. She was from Toronto. She was only 16 years old. She had the spirit of a fighter!

Last September, Olivia found out that there were no more treatments available for her brain tumour. Her wish — to record Katy Perry’s song ‘Roar’ in a real recording studio.

The video shows OIivia sitting in a wheelchair in the middle of the studio, singing softly at first and struggling with her breaths. But then she gets to the chorus and the fighter in Olivia ignites!

It was soon posted to YouTube. That was 6 weeks ago. Since, it has received over a million hits and has helped raise over 85,000$ for the Liv Wise Fund — started in her name in support of brain tumor research.

Watch Olivia’s ‘Roar’:

Even Katy Perry was touched:

“She died peacefully in her home surrounded by the extraordinary love of her family,” a family statement said. Olivia said that she didn’t want people crying at her funeral, but that they should celebrate her life. By sharing this video, I think I am doing just that.

Just simply touching!

Kim 😉

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  1. My heart goes out to her family for raising such a beautiful young lady who is a fighter and a champion. She is in heaven with Jesus and all the heavenly angels; when Christ comes again everyone will get to see their loved ones again on earth for 100 years before we spend the rest of eternity in His kingdom. The best is yet to come when we are all together again 😀

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