5 year old cuts sister’s hair!!

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Problem: Three-year-old Eva says her hair was down to her butt, and it was really itching her hips.

Solution: her 5 year-old sister, Sadie, grabbed a pair of scissors.

Result: apparently, not so pretty! Sadie defended herself: “Hair cutting takes lots of concentration.”

Dad, reporter Jeff Cohen, decided to interview his young daughters to find out exactly how the haircut disaster went down.

PRESS HERE to hear what may be the world’s most adorable interview!!

Kim 😉

One thought on “5 year old cuts sister’s hair!!

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  1. It was really funny these little girls, but with this situations we can see many parents don’t realise how bad it is for young little girls to have their hair so long, many times the kids feel unconfortable, just for their parents pleasure; they suffer when they wash and brush their hair, in this case was itching and bothering the little girl, and also when the hair is so long it takes some vitamines from their body; most parents who let their kids hair grow like that they are selfish. In this story, these cute girls, they were more wiser then the parents, but it was nice of their father to do the interview and share with public.

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