“If you can’t share, we’ll have to take it away.”

That is what artist Mica Angela Hendricks’ 4-year-old daughter said when she refused to let her near her new sketchbook. She is serious about her art, and she knew little Myla would want to scribble all over the pages. However, those words changed everything.

She let her daughter finish one of her sketches, and she NEVER thought it would lead to this…


Pretty soon, they had a whole collection of collaborations.


After a while, Myla would start the day by flipping through her mom’s sketchbook asking, “Do you have any heads for me today?” After the outline of the sketch is complete, Mica finishes the artwork with a splash of color.


Isn’t this incredible? I absolutely love it! Check out their BLOG to see more (a whole animal collection which is pretty cute!)

Kim 😉

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