It gave me chills…

I will admit that despite having a brother in the military, it wasn’t until meeting a now-good friend who lost both legs serving in the war that I fully grasped how many of us think about veterans. We see people leave for war and we accept that they might not come back. We are happy/relieved/thankful/ecstatic when they do. However, do we ever get to fully understand what they’ve been through. No…

Alive doesn’t mean unharmed and, unfortunately, despite still having the fighter in them and wanting to tackle life in the same way they tackled enemies, many cannot. Demons might still lurk and we hear too often about self-destructing behaviors that some veterans might be afflicted with.

A friend of mine recommended that I watch this video. I am thankful she did. It’s mesmerizing and I give kuddos to the US charity that helps give this little tap on the back to veterans. I know it is only a physical change, but sometimes that is all one needs to get back on track.

I get chills watching this!

Kim 😉

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