IKEA Webseries?!

IKEA Heights is the name of the webseries and it was shot entirely inside a California IKEA!! More interestingly though is that the store, for the most part, had no idea they were filming Ikea Heights!

Actors and crew were seen and asked to leave many times but they would just come back the next day!

For the sixth episode, the creators had zombies running and dancing around the store! Can you imagine shopping at IKEA and finding zombies dancing around you?! hahaha How would you react?!

In response, IKEA has seen the show and said that the show is cool but they must ask permission to shoot in a store. Awesome!! not only do they make great meatballs, they have a sense of humour!

Kim 😉

To watch — click and scroll down until you see the videos! Might as well start at the first episode!

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