2012 Baby names inspired by me?!

NameCandy.com is a website that digs through public records in the US and compiles a list of the names of babies born on New Year’s day as a way of trendspotting baby names for the coming year. Their 2012 list is out and it looks like K names are totally a trend! Six cropped up on the first of the year alone: Karis, Kay’lyn, Kristina, Kyren, Kalylah, and Khloe.

I’d like to think that it’s because of yours truly!! Parents everywhere are just thinking: ”Wow! That Kim is one cool chick!!”

Actually, they are thinking that, but not for THIS Kim, but THAT Kim –> Kim Kardashian! ** eye roll! I totally think I am more deserving and a better influence!! haha

Yes! Time proclaimed this a sign of the Kardashians’ influence… we are doomed…

If we follow the gut feeling of our cousins below, another popular trend in 2012 will be A names. The list of New Year’s babies includes seven A names, including two Aubreys, an Akier, an Anya, and an Adrian. I wonder who inspired those name!

Nevada’s baby of the New Year was named Envy Essence-Faye… look out, world.

Kim 😉

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