Spectaculor Toronto

I never thought I would put those two words together (!), but this photo of Toronto is absolutely spectaculor!

Not only is the photo great, but the story of how the photo came to be is also pretty sweet! It all started last year when Michael Chrisman placed a pinhole camera in Toronto’s Port Lands and aimed it — as best one can aim such a camera — at the city skyline.

The camera was equipped with photosensitive paper that, for 365 straight days and nights, captured the light that crept through the pinhole. That’s 31,536,000 seconds — a normal photo is usually taken between 1/250th and 1/100th of a second…

On New Year’s Eve day, Chrisman trudged out to retrieve the camera and exposed paper inside — he was pleasantly surprised with the result. “I’m thrilled with it. It’s a very dreamy photo. This one has a soft and kind of foggy feel.”

Think of it as a time-lapse painting. The physical progress of the sun leaves a streak that shifts minutely each day. The daily on and off of building lights leaves only light, not dark. Once exposed, there is no way to undo it.

What makes this photo just stunning in my mind (and Chrisman thought that this was the most intriguing aspect of the photo) is the trails left by the sun as it moves through the sky daily and with the change in seasons. It looks so cool! I would buy this picture as a wall piece if I live in and loved Toronto!


Kim 😉

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