44500$ ticket

Can you imagine opening a mail enveloppe and finding in it a parking ticket worth 44,500$!!!! That’s what happened to a woman in Italy — who had to be taken to the hospital for a dizzy spell!

How long does a car have to be parked to receive that kind of fine? About 1,800 years. Wait, what? Yep! The citation claims the violation lasted for over 1,800 years. That’s right, it claims the person parked in their spot over 1,650 years before cars were invented!!!

How did that happen? The ticket was supposed to be dated back to 2008, but the officer missed one of those critical zeros, dating the ticket 208. Whoops!

Since then everything has been fixed and her husband was happy to pay a 100 Euro fine!

Can you imagine!? What’s the most hefty ticket you ever received?

Kim 😉

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