Burn Off Candy Calories!

Are you one to indulge in Halloween candy?!?! Good news, you can burn off those candy calories and have fun, or even be productive, at the same time!!!!

Apparently, the average amount of popular candy — one Almond Joy Snack Size Bar, one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or six Tootsie Rolls — is about 100 calories. To burn off the calories of one Halloween treat:

— Dance for 20 minutes.
— Jog in place for 12 minutes.
— 15 minutes of intense weight training burns approximately 100 calories. These “tuned up” muscles will keep burning more calories even after the workout is over.
— Bike for 10 minutes at 12-14 mph.
— Play a virtual sport or exercise games.
— Walk for about 15 minutes.
— Bounce on a trampoline for 27 minutes to tone legs, butt and abs.
— Wax your car for 20 minutes.
— Shop at the mall for 41 minutes.
— Dig, rake, plant and weed in the garden for 15 minutes.

The dog park is at least a 45min walk — so there is 3 little chocolate bars! Woohoo! So eat away, but don’t forget to dance while you are doing so!!

Kim 😉

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