Check out Tuesday’s night sky

Tuesday (Nov. 8th) will see an almost half-km wide asteroid fly by the Earth at just 325,087km away — closer than the Moon is to the Earth by a good 61,155km!

This will be the nearest pass by an asteroid in 35 years.

Should we be worried?!?! No!!

Scientists have been tracking the asteroid since its discovery in 2005, and say there’s no chance it will hit us as it makes its closest approach at 6:28 p.m. ET.

But, let’s just imagine that the asteroid were to slam into the Earth — just for the fun of discussing the potential damage!! That asteroid would blast out a crater almost 7km wide and 1,700 feet deep, plus create the force of a magnitude-7 earthquake with 70-foot-high tsunami waves. CRAZY!!!

Let’s enjoy it from afar!

Kim 😉


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