My TV Debut

As some of you might know, I am one of 10 finalists for Rogers’ Daytime Ottawa Co-Host Search. My live audition was yesterday (Sept. 6) and I have to admit that being on television was exhilirating!
There is this sensation you feel when you turn on the mic on the radio and know that this job is truly what makes you happy. I had the exact same feeling on camera at Daytime! It was fun, natural, exciting and just felt right!
While there, I filmed a little behind the scenes video blog for you to share in the experience — hope you enjoy it!
Now my destiny will be in your hands as of September 17th! I will need your votes to make it in the Top 3 that get a second chance at being on TV and vying for that much coveted spot of co-host!
No worries — I will remain here at BOOM with you as well — you’ll get to watch me during the day and listen at night! 🙂
Thanks for your support in advance and I am taking any tips on how to win this and be the best co-host, if you have any! 
Kim 😉

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