Depardieu! Hilarious!

I love that Gerard Depardieu has a sense of humor. The French actor — who made international headlines (and lost many fans) last month after peeing in the aisle of an airplane when he wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom — spoofed the incident in a new online video!! I have to admit, it is quite hilarious! 

In the clip, Depardieu plays Obelix, a French cartoon character who LOVES to eat wild boar. Gerard-as-Obelix — sitting next to Edouard Baer, his real-life travel companion from last month — throws a tantrum when he’s told he has to wait to eat boar. They use French terminology at the end that makes it sound like it could have been said in reference to his peeing incident, despite it being of him rushing to eat boar! I laughed out loud!

Hope it looks just as funny as it is if you don’t speak French!

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