Why Speedos?

According to a new department store study, men between the ages of 55 and 59 actually prefer to wear speedos instead of longer, less offensive trunks.
The findings:
Teens: like wearing a longer length of trunk, often inspired by pop stars like Justin Beiber who wears over the knee trunks.
Guys between the ages of 28-35: trunk lengths creep back up as young men look to show off their bodies in order to find a partner –often trying to match Daniel Craig’s blue trunks as James Bond in Casino Royale.
Men from the age of 55 up to 59: swimming trunks often turn back into “banana hammocks.” I spare you the fright by not posting a photo 😉
Why? Not too sure, but some speculate that they feel the need to show off the “goods” to prove to themselves that [young] women still want to sleep with them and that they are still capable of “rising to the occasion.” Ewwww really?!?!
Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “Why Speedos?

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  1. It has come to my attention that you are using my photograph without my knowledge or permission.

    This is in reference to the image of the large man wearing a Viking helmet.

    Your use of this image violates my copyright under the DMCA. I request that you remove it immediately.

    Thank you,
    Neil J Murphy

    1. I am sorry. I googled speedo on the internet and that picture came up. I thought that pictures on google where public domain. I will change it.


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