A little embarassing…

A school in New Zealand is more than a little embarassed after a student prank was immortalised on Google Earth…
Two years ago, students at Fairfield College etched giant phallic symbols onto its playing fields with weedkiller! Coincidentally, sattelites were taking pictures of the town for Google maps…
Recently, a local resident who was looking for a property online noticed the crude etchings. We can say that after the media was notified and from then on, the school has literally been put on the map!
The school’s acting principal Gerhard van Dyk recalls that the incident happened over a weekend and he had been unable to catch the pranksters! They contacted Google about removing the etchings but the Internet giant told them that they could not be blurred, as Google Earth images came directly from satellites, unlike those used for Google Street View.
Oh well, one can be remembered for worst things!
Kim 😉

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