Cicada Ice Cream

Every 13 years, these really noisy bugs invade and plague the South and Midwest of the States — the Cicada. One person found a solution on how to make them useful: why not use them in ice cream!! Sparky’s, in Columbia, Mo., serves the apparently tasty treat! Yuck!
The bugs are plucked, boiled, coated in brown sugar and milk chocolate and then dunked in ice cream. This Cicada flavoured ice cream actually sold out!!!
According to this article written by the aptly-named John Roach, cicadas are “a healthy alternative to that bacon double-cheeseburger without the bun” — low in fat, high in protein, nary a carb in sight.  People say they taste like peanuts.

Want other ideas on how to cook cicada delicacies? Check out this site for more cicada’s food worthiness!

Have you ever eaten bugs?!
Kim 😉

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