Bono the hitchhicker?!

Have you ever seen a hitchhicker and thought ”wow, he really looked like ________”?! That is exactly what happened to Edmonton Oilers player Gilbert Brule.
On the way to the dog park in Vancouver with his girlfriend driving, Brule spotted a hitchhicker that bared a candid ressemblance to U2 frontman Bono. ”He wasn’t wearing his trademark sunglasses that he usually wears,” recalls Brule, he was in sweat pants, and he had a hat on.  It was just starting to rain, so they were all kind of bundled up.”
Yet Brule was able to convince his girlfriend to turn around and shouted ”Hey Bono” out the window. The rock star waved and asked for a ride to Horseshoe Bay, a ten-minute drive down the road. Once there, Brule says that The Edge came up to the window and thanked them for driving Bono (who had gone for a walk and got caught in the rain) down. ”I was in awe of all that was going on.  It was just so crazy.”
What is crazier in my opinion is that he had 10 minutes in a car with the biggest rock star on the planet and Brule forgot to take a picture!!! What?!?!  But Bono gave Brule, his girlfriend, and his mom free tickets and backstage passes to the next day’s show PLUS some sweet souvenirs…
Check it out here (fast foward to 1:42). 

Can you believe that! Wow! Also, as Brule recounts, ”Our guest passes that we got from Bono–we got them all signed.  And he wrote some cool notes on there for me and Kelsey and my mom. Mine actually says ‘For my hero–Gilbert’, which was unreal to get from Bono.  It’s crazy.”

Moral of the story, next time you have a ”wow, he really looked like ________” after spotting a hitchhicker, PICK HIM UP! You never know!

Kim 😉

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