Are we taking Facebook too far?!

I LOVE Facebook… I remember that the first time I heard about the social network, it was still a college thing and my friend Tina wanted to show me a picture of the guy Matt she had just started dating. He was in one of her classes or something and had posted on this Facebook thing… I thought he was cute! In a couple weeks, I am attending their wedding… Facebook in my mind will always be tied to them and it is funny cause it is now our main way of communicating as we live in different cities…
Just as much as I have a personal connection to Facebook and I am always on it, love it, use it as a photo album and mailbox, I think we might be taking the social network a tad too far…
Not only car you access Facebook from home, work and the palm of your hand with smartphones, you can now access it from your car! 
If that wasn’t crazy enough, people have profiles for their pets and now, unborn child!!! Yep, a couple in Texas who are due to give birth to a baby girl next week set up a Facebook profile for their unborn child — thinking it was the best way to tell their friends that little Marriah is on the way. The profile pic was her mother’s sonogram, her interests included “swimming” and she apparently liked Lady Gaga’s music as well as the movie, Look Who’s Talking! Not-yet-born baby Marriah had 268 friends and was the youngest user on the site! Why am I talking in the past tense? Well, Facebook has an age restriction of 13 for users and once this hit the headlines, Marriah’s profile was deleted! Not even born yet and kicked off the site… ouch!
What will we do with Facebook next!
Kim 😉

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