What would you give up?

What would you give up for something you really wanted?? Hopefully, you would not go to this extreme… 

A 17-year-old boy from China was so desperate to get an iPad 2, he sold his right kidney over the internet!! Isn’t that crazy! 

The teen was contacted by an organ broker and was offered 20,000 Chinese Yuan ($3,000) if he agreed to give up his kidney.  Who would say no to that? Not this boy! He agreed and admitted himself to a hospital to undergo the procedure.  The broker got his kidney and the boy, his money…

Afterwards, the boy began to feel unwell and confessed to his mother what he had done.  His family contacted the police to investigate the legality of the agreement.  Upon investigation, it was learned that the hospital that was chosen to do the operation is not licensed to perform organ transplants… 

What now?! The boy continues to suffer physically and regrets his decision to sell his kidney for cash to get an iPad!!!

Kim 😉

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