Wiggly Worm Made It To The Royal Wedding!

This story is just too adorable and actually gives a human touch the the Royal Wedding! Princes, princesses, 80 tiaras to chose from, 1900 guests… it just seems like it’s from another world… until to find out that Wiggly Worm made it to the wedding AND in the official photo!!
Eliza Lopes, the youngest member of the royal wedding party and Camilla’s granddaughter, made it into one of the official photos holding a wiggly worm (funny little fuzzy things that you can buy at the dollar store)! Apparently, Camilla was worried for the little bridesmaids so Prince Harry bought the wiggly worm to entertain Eliza and the others on the carriage ride back from the Abbey.

When the roar of the crowds began to scare Eliza (we all saw her concerned little face and hands on her ears while on the balcony), Harry pulled the worm out and distracted her. She had so much fun with it that the 3 year old refused to give it back or let go of it during the official photo shoot!!

So there you go! Cute little annecdote on how wiggly worm made it to the Royal Wedding!

Kim 😉

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