Give Harper, Layton & Others the Finger!

Oh of course I am not being vulgar! I am talking puppets!
With another election on the horizon, what better way to poke fun OR teach your young ones (and not so young ones like me) a little lesson in politics with the help of these awesome finger puppets!
Ottawa resident, Gabe Thirlwall, is the puppet master and artist behind the Political Circus finger puppets (sold at Flock on Wellington). She even created a very special one this past week: Limited Edition Election Harper!
This one comes with all the accessories needed for an election campaign including: an election sign, a campaign bus, a handler, a smartphone, a ten percenter (literature sent to opposition ridings), a coffee and a donut, a giant sized novelty cheque (emblazoned with the party logo) and a kitten (to help him with his softer fuzzier side)!!!
Hahaha I love it! Maybe I would understand politics a bit more if it were explained with puppets!
Kim 😉

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