Shorty Bruno Mars!

Like most young male pop star, Bruno Mars likes to fill his music videos with beautiful leggy models. Problem is that, at 5’5″, he is easily overshadowed by them!

What does he do?! He’s forced to stand on a box!

These photos were taken during the shoot of a video in Puerto Rico and even with the box to help him out, Bruno was still considerably shorter than his co-star!!! Could they not have found a shorter pretty lady & maybe ask her not to wear heels!

Bruno was said to not be bothered by the ‘small’ detail as he laughed and joked about it with the crew. I wonder how the model felt?! haha

As a tall girl (5’11”), I often ask myself this question: Ladies, would you date/are you dating someone shorter?! Men, do you mind if she is taller?!

Kim 😉

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