Oh No Prince!

You can’t just do that!
At a California concert last week, Pop legend Prince threw a guitar into the audience, but later requested it be returned!

Perry Litchfield, who paid 750$ to be in the front row at the show, caught the guitar after the singer tossed it into the audience. He says he was mobbed by fans immediately after the lucky catch, as they attempted to take a look at his prize.

But when things finally calmed down, a stage hand approached him and told him to give the guitar back, telling him that it was just part of the show — giving him a guitar pick instead!

Mr Litchfield, of course, wants the guitar back!!

“Throw something into the stands, or into the crowd, it’s customary that the people who get it, get it.”

Check out the video of the incident HERE

What do you think?! Should he get to keep the guitar?!

Kim 😉

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