Ready For The Oscars?

Have you made your Oscar predictions yet?! You don’t want to show up at the office tomorrow boasting that all your predictions were right wihtout proof to show for it, now do you?! Print off your very own official oscar ballot RIGHT HERE!
To help you make your choices, here are a couple stats I found on a gaming site:
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale is favored to win 1/7, with Geoffrey Rush a distant second at 4/1. At 80/1, Jeremy Renner might as well stay home!
As for the other major categories, the odds overwhelmingly favor Natalie Portman for Best Actress at 1/12 and Colin Firth for Best Actor at 1/33. For Best Picture, ‘The King’s Speech’ leads the pack at 2/9.
When it comes to “people’s choice”, see what trends are showing up on social networks:
I’d love to see James Franco win for 127 Hours — the first time a host would also win an Oscar since 1958. However, even he doubts that it will happen, putting his bets on Colin Firth!
We’ll see tonight!
Kim 😉

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