Step aside Hockey Night in Canada!

So you think Canadians enjoy nothing more than watching hockey?! You’re wrong!

A new study has found that YouTube is also a major source of pleasure among Canadians! Actually, Canada leads the world when it comes to watching content on YouTube, beating out even the United States where per capita consumption is concerned.

According to comScore, around 21 million Canadians use YouTube every month and watch an average of 147 clips while perusing the site. In terms of demographic spread, the 18-to-24 age group builds the most monthly YouTube time, watching 244 clips while logging an average total time of 18.25 hours.

Not just riding high on YouTube usage, Canada also boasts the world’s highest penetration of Internet access, with around 68 percent of the total population online—which compares to 62 percent in the United Kingdom, 60 percent in Germany, 59 percent in the United States and 57 percent in Japan.

That, in turn, feeds into the revelation that connected Canadians are racking up more than 2,500 online minutes (42 hours) each month, a leading figure that beats out the 2,300 minutes amassed by users in Israel.

We are so cool & connected!!

Kim 😉

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