One more reason to love the iPhone!

You can eat it!!! 

Fans of Apple’s iPhone who just can’t get enough of the popular gadget can now gobble up a tasty iCookie — but you’ll have to travel to Japan to do so!

A small countryside bakery in western Japan has enjoyed a surprise hit with its “iPhone cookie”, a handmade chocolate biscuit decorated with colourful, edible application icons. The cookie started as a tasty treat for someone’s birthday but thanks to a photo tweet, it gained nationwide fame in Japan. It’s now a hot must-have item for tech-geeks!

I hope it’s tasty, as the hand-made iCookie doesn’t come cheap at 2,730 yen (33 dollars)! Plus, that plane ticket to Japan (as it is only available by order and inside Japan). Don’t rush, book your ticket for March — the waiting time to snap up one of the biscuits has been as long as two months!!

Mmmmm picture perfect hand-made chocolate cookies!!! Yummy! Why didn’t I think of that!

Kim 😉

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