Dogs better than Spouses?

According to a recent poll, a third of married ladies claim their pets are much better listeners than their husbands!!

Out of all surveyed, one in 10 said they’d rather talk to their pet than their spouse — and 18% of those respondents were actually men. As for the battle between the species, 25% of dog owners admitted their dog was a champion listener, while only 14% said the same of their cats.

Maybe that is what pushed this guy to marry his dog!

Twenty-year-old Australian, Joe Guiso, married his best friend — his five-year-old Labrador, Honey. 30 of Guiso’s close friends and relatives attended the “marriage” ceremony–which he says was simply a creative and light-hearted way of bringing everyone together. He said his own wedding vows in which he told his partner, “You’re my best friend and you make every part of my day better.”

“But you can’t actually marry a dog”, Guiso added. Also, while he loves his dog, it is “just Plutonic love”.

When Honey does something to displease her husband, is she literally going to go to the dog house ?

Kim 😉

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