I would fit in just perfectly in Saudi Arabia!

I discovered something today that made me realise how, in Saudi Arabia, I’d be normal! haha
Not that I am not normal here… it’s just that it’s Monday and I am already half way through my week!! I’m on air Saturday to Wednesday, so my “weekend” is Thursday and Friday… JUST LIKE THE SAUDI ARABIANS!!!
Friday is a special day dedicated to prayer for the Muslims, so Friday has to be a day off. Most people take the day before prayer as the other day off (like we do here with Church falling on Sunday) — so Thursday and Friday = the weekend!!
Businesses in Saudi Arabia are trying to change that though as they hate loosing that extra 2 days of business with the Western world, so many are trying to make the weekend Friday-Saturday.
I totally understand how they feel… despite it being my days off, I always end up looking and responding to email on Thursday and Friday–as I know “the rest of the world” (except the Saudi Arabians!!) are working… At least, I can now relate with someone! haha YAY!
Kim 😉

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