Hi Mom… nice beard!

Every adopted child wonders who his biological mother is. Movie star? Cook? Teacher? Maybe a big-shot CEO? “My whole life growing up, I thought my mom was Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, but that was just my fantasy. This is kind of better,” said Richard Lorenc. His mother turned out to be a sideshow bearded lady!!!

After a recent back injury that led to multiple medical exams and many questions about his family medical history, the 33-year-old decided it was time to look for his natural birth parents. He found that his mother, Vivian Wheeler, and his maternal grandmother had hypertrichosis, known as werewolf syndrome and both had facial hair even as children. Lorenc’s mother was also born as a hermaphrodite and doctors thought it would be impossible for her to give birth, but she became pregnant, and baby Richard was delivered by cesarean section in 1977. Loren’s father, a carnival ride operator, took him away from Wheeler after an argument soon after he was born and then left him in a motel in Atlanta at age 3.

Since their meeting, Lorenc and Wheeler have spoken every few weeks and plan to see each other often.Wheeler hopes their next meeting will be on “Maury.” She hopes host Maury Povich will help her obtain a DNA test to prove Lorenc is her son. “I want to share the story, and I want to know for sure if it’s my son,” she said. “Even if not, I still love him.”

I’m sure Maury will love that idea!

Kim 😉

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