Great inventions!

Last week, Ez Rock’s Michelle posted a picture of a baby with the most hilarious facial expression and asked people to create a caption for the photo! Someone wrote about the baby wipes being cold! It was too funny and got me thinking… warm baby wipes! I should invent them!!!
Unfortunately, someone has thought about it long before I did!
You can buy the Baby Wipe Warmer for just under 50$. It keeps your cloth wipes moist, warm, and ready to go for all of your baby’s delicate needs! No more funny faces from the cold wipes, just a baby smile of warm extasy!
While we are on the topic of cool inventions,

Tom Bowen came up with this idea after his sister told him about a bad habit her son had of rolling his tie as a pillow and sleeping in church!! He invented the INFLATABLE TIE!!!

It looks just like a normal tie, but has a larger knot and can be blown up with one breath and deflated in seconds. The blow-up bit can be removed in case the wearer wants a normal tie. There are 62 varieties of pillow ties at a price of $19.95! haha

Would you wear it?

Here are two more crazy ones for the kitchen:

THE MECHANISED EGG CRACKER!! It’s a plastic device with which you . . . crack an egg. God forbid we need to knock on the side of a bowl! haha I have to admit, it seems to crack it perfectly! 

THE MELON WEDGER! It says exactly what it does and I have to admit–I would probably buy this one for 10$! haha

Have you even thought of something that needs to be invented or heard of crazy incentions? SHARE!!

Kim 😉

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