Betty White Shakes her Booty!

If you have a teen in the household, you were probably aware that the Tenn Choice Awards were on last night and you probably got to see this hilarious moment…

As Sandra Bullock accepted her surfboard for choice movie actress in a drama for “The Blind Side,” she also thanked the crowd for another win—choice dance alongside Betty White in “The Proposal.” Not to be outdone, Ms. White herself interrupted Sandra’s speech, telling her if she thought she was fitting in with the youths, well, she was sorely mistaken. The “Golden Girl” (remember she’s 88!) then got up, SHIMMIED and booty-bumped with Sandra to Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Check the video:
I am so happy Betty White is “back”!
Kim 😉

One thought on “Betty White Shakes her Booty!

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  1. I have nothing against Betty White, she is sweet spirit and all but man is she everywhere now!!

    She has too much exposure right now…too much in your face…

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