Would you fly standing up?!

Would you fly standing up?

Irish airline Ryanair thinks that passengers would want to fly while standing so they are introducing “standing-room only” flights, with passengers strapped into vertical seats!!

No kidding!

The “seats” would sell at a discount of about six dollars each. Now that’s a sweet deal! I might be convinced!

A spokesman for the European Aviation Safety said however that, “This is unprecedented and unlikely to be certified in the near future.”

I’m assuming it would be like on a roller coaster were you are leaning on a bycycle seat standing up… can’t be too comfy for a long flight but for 6$, I would do it for a short 1h or 2h flight!!

 Would you fly on a “standing-only” flight if it meant you could get a ticket for under $10? What’s the longest flight you’d take if you had to stand the whole time?

Kim 😉

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  1. Well, most flights don’t even give you a bag of peanuts these days, so I guess it is a normal progression of things to have your passengers stand up now to maximize profits.

    Makes you wonder what is next– no toilets on the plane? 🙂


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