Time After Time!

I have to say, Time After Time is one of my ultimate favorite songs! I know… I know… cheeeeesy…. but I can’t help turning up the volume when Cyndi Lauper comes on!
Have you heard the latest version we play with Cyndi and Sarah McLachlan? It’s just priceless! If you ever attended Lilith Fair, this kind of duo is typical of the event. However, for two of the biggest songstesses to come together and record it for radio play makes me happy! I LOVE this song!! haha
Lucky me, Time After Time has been covered, either in live performance or on a recording, by at least 120 different artists across a broad spectrum of genres. This though, is BY FAR my favorite version: Matchbox 20’s live performance… 
Pour yourself a glass of wine, or preferred relaxing beverage, put your feet up and give this song a listen.  Well worth the effort!
Kim 😉

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