Lucky bastard!

In most divorces, it typically doesn’t end well financially for the male, but this is one situation where the divorce came at just the right time financially!!

A British bus driver, depressed after finalising his divorce, decided to cheer himself up with a ticket for that night’s lottery. Well, he’s much luckier in games than in love cause HE WON!!! 2 million pounds!!! £2,302,668 to be exact! That’s just over 3.5million canadian dollars! Wowsers!!

Kevin Halstead, 50, was gobsmacked when his lucky numbers came up and could not believe that he could have been forced to hand half the loot to ex-wife Helen if the divorce had taken just a few days longer! Ex Helen is a good sport about it, saying: “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. I wish him all the luck in the world – he deserves it.” Mmmmmm I think she wants a little gift for being so nice!! There is no way you divorce someone, ring him in and then, when he wins the lottery THE NEXT DAY, you are all nice and dandy about it! No way!

Good for him! Karma maybe?

Sulli 😉

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