I Never Thought I’d say this…

I never thought I’d say this, but Heidi Montag is actually funny! Well, only when she laughs at herself, but hey–it takes a big girl to do just that and BIG she now is (her girls are DDs if I’m not mistaken)!!!

Collaborations are the hottest trend in Hollywood and the latest duo to jump on the band wagon together is reality star Heidi Montag & industry giant Ron Howard! SERIOUSLY!! How? Why? Well, we’ve all been Heidied out over the past few months with Montag’s endless stories of excessive plastic surgery — 11 surgeries in 11 hours to look like the next real life Barbie… absolutely crazy!! So, I guess it’s safe to assume that Heidi herself is a bit sick and tired about the tabloids’ attention (as if). That’s where Ron Howard stepped in to help her create this Funny or Die video poking some fun at her and her new self. I gotta say–she’s a real good sport about it! Check it out:

About working with famed director, writer, actor, and producer Ron Howard, Heidi had this to say: “He was even more incredible than I could have imagined — kind, generous, and made me feel so comfortable — he made me feel confident in my talent.” Her talent??? Is she still talking about her DDs…

Sulli 😉

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