Monopoly fever goes Canada wide!

Monopoly fever goes Canada wide as cities battle to earn their place on the new Monopoly Canada game board!

If you remember the World Edition of Monopoly, Canada is the most represented country on the game with Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal making it on the board! Montreal even took top honours of being the most voted city around the world, taking the prestigious spot of Boardwalk!

Well, monopoly is now coming out with a Canadian version of the game and starting today, you can vote to see Winnipeg on the map! 22 of the now 65 great Canadian cities will make it on the board game!

Visit THIS LINK everyday to cast your votes for Winnipeg – if on February 7, 2010, Winnipeg receives the most votes — it will be placed on the highest rent property traditionally held by Boardwalk.

Do it Winnipeg!
Sulli 😉

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